Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hiring on at NepotiSoft

So how did I arrive at NepotiSoft?

One day I was out to lunch after church, and I saw an acquaintance from high school. Let's call this person Leslie. We talked for a minute, and when Leslie found out what I did for a living, Leslie told me that there may be a position opening at Leslie's company. I told Leslie I was interested, and gave out my number.

A few weeks later, I got a call requesting my resume. Days after that, I drove to my first interview (over lunch) with Leslie and the CEO (a sibling of Leslie). I was shown the offices, which were beautiful and were very impressive. They took me out to lunch and we discussed my skills. I was told to come back in a few days for a formal interview.

I remember uttering the words "I've never failed a project" at some point of my formal interview. Boy, would I eat those words. Other than that, I can't remember much, other than the bombshell that was laid on me: in order to accept the job, I was going to have to spend 6 weeks in Europe for training.

The incentives to accepting the jobs were as follows: $31/hour ($64,500/year), full paid health insurance, 3 weeks vacation/sick leave, my own office, project lead, and the possibility of revenue/profit sharing. I was already making the same amount at my other job, but the possibility of being in a bigger leadership role, working in a sexy part of town, making money due to profit sharing, having my own office, and working in a more exciting environment was just too much for me. I took the job. Within 2 weeks of me being employed at NepotiSoft, they tried to lessen my vacation time by a week. I took great offense to this, and brought it to the attention of the CEO and President. They sensed my extreme displeasure, and changed the employee policy so that every employee from that point forward would only get 2 weeks of vacation time; I would be grandfathered in at 3 weeks.

In full disclosure: my wife did not want me to take the job because of the 6 weeks in Europe. We fought about the decision for almost a month. But I put my foot down and decided it would be better for my career in the long run. She was both right and wrong (as was I). I had to leave NepotiSoft, and nothing amounted from that job. But I would not have gotten the job I have now had I not taken the job at NepotiSoft, and I am now in a very secure job making more money than ever.

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