Tuesday, March 2, 2010

good nights

On a good night, when I want to wind down and take the edge off, I usually drink a glass or two of Scotch. My favorite so far is the 18 year old Glenfiddich. It has a great flavor, is very smooth once you swirl it around in your glass a dozen times or so, and really progresses on your palette with every sip. Sometimes I will use a single ice cube in it, sometimes I won't.

When I start later, and want something good that will get me caught up on my buzz without losing too much flavor, I drink Knob Creek. It is 50% alcohol (vs 40%), and still has a good oaky, smokey flavor. It has a little more bite, and is definitely good with an ice cube or two, although is not near as smooth as the scotch. But when you are looking for a cheaper alternative, and looking to get relaxed a little quicker, it is a great alternative.

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