Friday, January 28, 2011

federal spending freeze

i hate the fact that the current administration is turning me into one of "those people", who are always angry.

the gov't has created a spending freeze for 5 years, via the recommendation of our President.  this was done all in the name of getting spending under control.

that is one of the stupidest things i've ever heard.

we can spend tons of money on people for social services, and get absolutely nothing for return.  or we can spend on our current infrastructure, where each agency and department has an actual product or service to deliver.  the gov't wants to chose the first.

our agency ran on the same annual budget for around 5 years, finally getting a lift a few years ago.  now, we are having to cut.  the room i am sitting in right now had 4 more engineers in it a year ago than it does right now (really, it is like 6 or 7, as a few people have accepted gov't jobs, and the contractors could not backfill).  people are leaving, and there is no money left to replace them.  management seems almost relieved when someone goes, as they are clearing up some cap space.

legacy systems must be kept running.  we are performing a massive overhaul to our hardware, and the subsequent software to be used is running through huge upgrades as well.  we will have to deploy people to test on site, and will inevitably have problems.  but our budget is being cut.  the gov't wants us to provide more service (not the same service, but more) for less money.

instead, we are spending money on keeping old, retired, useless people alive longer.  we are spending money on people who don't want to work.  i have family members that never graduated high school, much less college, and they are doing just fine.  why?  because they aren't lazy, and they want to work.  you can find work if you really want it.

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