Sunday, October 24, 2010

new record

i hit a new record today.

this is tricky to write. i have never had more of someone else's vomit on me than what happened today.

3 cans of baby food plus 4 oz of juice, all of which came up as i was holding the baby against me (standing).

it was insane.

in my lifetime, this amount of vomit that was on my person can only be bested on one occasion, and it was my own vomit. i had a very bad reaction from the anesthesia after a major operation, and my first meal after the operation came back up. because i was still very weak and disabled from the surgery, and i was alone in the room, the vomit had nowhere to go but all over the front of my body.

i can now distinctly know the top 2 times i have been vomited on.

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